There are kegs and tehrer are KEGS.


We are proud distributors in Southern Africa for Schaefer Kegs. 



All kegs have the standard black top and bottom rings
Connector Type: G-type

The ECO KEG consists of a stainless steel liner with polypropylene rings at the top and bottom connected to the liner using a security clip technique.
The top and bottom rings can be easily exchanged, considerably reducing the follow-up costs after repairs.
Being much lighter than rubber, for example, polypropylene cuts the weight of each KEG by at least one kilo, a great benefit for handling and transportation.
Both stainless steel and polypropylene are 100% recyclable and easily separated - thanks to the clip technique.
ECO KEG - the impressive new trend.

Specifications :
• Stainless steel liner material : Standard Material no. 1.4301, AISI 304
• Top and bottom rings : PP (polypropylene), UV-stabilised, recyclable material.
• Neck : All current types.
• Operating overpressure : 3 bar
• Test pressure : Approx. 10 bar overpressure.
• Opening pressure of safety bursting point : Standard 35 ± 5 bar overpressure special:
• Numbering : Standard

Schaefer kegs are durable as can be seen in the link below. A drop test was done with a full 30L Eco keg, displaying the advantages of the polypropylene rings. The rings are also replaceable, saving you money in the long term maintenance of your kegs.


See the Eco Keg 1.2m drop test here: