These are the hops we have on offer. Please note that the Alpha Acid of each hop varies from crop to crop so the figure we give here is the range they will be found in and only to be used for guidance. Purpose is B=Bittering, A=Aroma, D=Dual purpose (Bittering and Aroma)

American Alpha Acid Purpose   English Alpha Acid Purpose
Amarillo  8%-11%  A   East Kent Goldings  5%-6%  A
Cascade  5%-7%  A   Fuggles  3.5%-5.5%  A
Citra  10%-11%  D        
Centennial  9.5%-11.5%  D   European    
Chinook  12%-14%  D   Saaz  2%-6%  A
Columbus  14%-18%  D   Hallertauer Mittelfruh  3.5%-3.5%  A
Galena  12%  B   Hallertauer Tradition  4.6%-7%  A
Mosaic  11.5%-13.5%  A   Perle  8%-9%  D
Magnum  10%-14%  B   Styrian Golding (Celeia)  4.5%-6%  A
Mount Hood  4%-8%  A   Super Styrian (Aurora)  5.5%-9.5%  D
Northen Brewer  8%-10%  D   Tettnanger  4.4%  A
Nugget  9.5%-14%  D        
Simcoe  12%-14%  D   South African    
Summit  16%-18%  B   Southern Promise  9.5%-11.5%  D
Willamette   4%-6%  A   Southern Passion  5.0%-8.0%  D
Zeus  13%-17%  B   98J17/63  10%-11%  D

Other varieties are available on order