Whirlfloc G

Granular kettle fining agent derived from Eucheuma cottonii. It is negatively charged to attract positively charged proteins, leading to enhanced wort clarity, improved beer filtration, enhanced post filtration beer clarity & enhanced colloidal stability.

Also known as: Irish Moss / Carrageenan

  • Optimal 10-12g/hL   

Biofine® P019 is a refined isinglass collagen which has superior dissolution properties. The active ingredient in isinglass is a protein called collagen, a triple helical coil with many sites of positive charge. It is a large molecule which will attract the much smaller negatively charged yeast, etc., and they will precipitate out.

P19 Solution: 5g P19 : 1L H₂O

Suggested Application Range: 300-700 mL : 1hL (15-35ppm)