Whirlfloc G

Granular kettle fining agent derived from Eucheuma cottonii. It is negatively charged to attract positively charged proteins, leading to enhanced wort clarity, improved beer filtration, enhanced post filtration beer clarity & enhanced colloidal stability.

Also known as: Irish Moss / Carrageenan

  • Optimal 10-12g/hL   

Biofine® P019 is a refined isinglass collagen which has superior dissolution properties. The active ingredient in isinglass is a protein called collagen, a triple helical coil with many sites of positive charge. It is a large molecule which will attract the much smaller negatively charged yeast, etc., and they will precipitate out.

P19 Solution: 5g P19 : 1L H₂O

Suggested Application Range: 300-700 mL : 1hL (15-35ppm)

Magicol AS-250

Magicol 250AS is a powdered isinglass that can be dissolved to make a ready-for-use isinglass solution for treatment of brewery conditioned beers. 

Also known as: Isinglass

  •  It is a traditional and natural product
  •  It is e most concentrated form of isinglass
  • It has a very longth shelf life in comparison to other forms of isinglass
  • Please be aware that dissolved product contains sulphur dioxide as a preservative
  • Mix into distilled water at 6g/L
  • Add this mixture into BBT at 300-500ml/hL 

VITAFERM contains the correct levels of certain trace minerals to stimulate and overcome sluggish fermentations, particularly in high gravity brewing.  It also has the effect of improving drinkability ratings of the beer and reducing the time taken to reach required diacetyl levels.

VITAFERM also provides nucleation sites which aid in the removal of the excess CO2 formed during the fermentation process, thus reducing its inhibitory effect and further stimulating the fermentation process.

4-6g/hL into kettle during last 5 minutes of boil
PolyGel PS30

Excess polyphenolic substances in beers lead to unstable clarity and a marked degradation of flavour. POLYGEL® PS 30 forms highly stable complexes with polyphenolic substances in beer and also adsorbs protein substances.

The stabilizing action of POLYGEL® PS 30 is manifested on the one hand (thanks to the presence of PVPP) through the adsorption of the simple polyphenols (protoanthocyanins and anthocyanins), while on the other hand, the silica component exerts a selective adsorption of the low and medium molecular weight proteins, thus completing the stabilizing effect.

  •  30-70g/hL
Brewmix Plus

Brewmix Plus improves mash efficiency through starch and protein conversion rates.

Contains high concentration of cellulase, pentosanase and arabanase, which improves sparging filtration rates. Brewmix Plus also contains alpha-amylase which degrades amylopectins and amylose (alpha-1,4 linkage) to soluble maltodextrins and oligo-saccharides and reduces wort viscosity.The protease in Brewmix Plus further degrades proteins to soluble peptides. 

  • 100-300g/ton of malt
  • 400/800g/ton with high % adjuncts
Oak Chips

 For accelerated wood-aging effect. See spider chart below

 Oak Chips

  • 0.5-15g/L for 1 to 4 weeks